In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, innovation and collaboration play a pivotal role in shaping patient outcomes. Through a dynamic partnership with The Carter & George Practice, we have ushered in a new era of recovery solutions, revolutionising how patients experience post-operative rehabilitation and sports injury recovery.

Using our CTC-7 device The Carter & George Practice have improved patient rehabilitation and enhanced the treatment options available at clinics.

The Carter & George Practice

Founded by Jamie George and Rhys Carter, The Carter & George Practice democratises elite medical treatments, extending the benefits that were once exclusive to high-level athletes to a broader spectrum of individuals. Combining Rhys’ seasoned physiotherapy expertise with Jamie’s unique insights as a professional rugby player, the practice provides a holistic approach typically reserved for the athletic elite.

Comprising a team of accomplished professionals with diverse specialities, The Carter & George Practice adopts a collaborative approach that brings the realm of professional athletes to all patients.

G&N Recovery, The CTC-7 Device and The Carter & George Practice

The seeds of our collaboration were sown at the Therapy Expo 22, where we had the privilege of introducing the CTC-7 device to the Carter & George team. Recognising the need for an alternative cryotherapy solution that’s user-friendly, convenient, and aligns with their patient-centric approach, the CTC-7 device emerged as the perfect fit. Its portability, iceless technology, and structured rental program seamlessly complemented their rehabilitation offering, allowing for a more efficient and customisable post-operative cryotherapy treatment pathway.

Utilising The Referral Scheme for improved Treatments & Outcomes

Our partnership with the Carter & George Practice comes to life through our referral process. Patients who could benefit from the CTC-7 device are introduced during their initial consultation at The Carter & George Practice. We provide informative flyers that feature a QR code linking to our CTC-7 rental page. Patients then complete a straightforward form, setting the wheels in motion for our dedicated customer service team to orchestrate the rest.

A comprehensive rental agreement and payment link follow, ensuring a hassle-free experience for patients. The CTC-7 device, treatment wrap, and accessories are dispatched to patients’ homes, accompanied by user-friendly instructions. At the end of the trial period, device collection is organised, removing any barriers to the patient’s journey toward recovery. 

This system works perfectly for practices that want to offer an at-home treatment solution. Without investing the upfront capital in devices for their clinics.

Jasmin’s Testimonial: Embracing Innovation:

Jasmin, a seasoned physiotherapist at The Carter & George Practice, attests to the transformative potential of the CTC-7 device. “The appeal lies in its simplicity and convenience, eliminating the need for constant ice replenishment,” Jasmin affirms. Primarily utilised for cold therapy, the device has become a cornerstone in rehabilitating post-operative knee patients, including those recovering from total knee replacements and ACL reconstructions.

Jasmin notes the device’s pivotal role in reducing pain, and swelling, and enhancing exercise capacity. Its lightweight design and user-friendly controls facilitate seamless integration into treatment sessions, empowering patients to participate actively in their recovery.

Unlocking Possibilities: Device Demonstration and Trial

Clinics intrigued by the prospect of transforming patient recovery can request a free consultation and device demonstration through our website’s contact page. Our dedicated representatives ensure prompt follow-up, scheduling a customised session to suit clinic needs. For those seeking firsthand experience, a trial period of the CTC-7 device is available on a case-by-case basis, allowing clinics to witness its impact on patient rehabilitation pathways before making a commitment.

Becoming a CTC-7 Partner:

The partnership with The Carter & George Practice underscores the potential possibilities when new technologies meet a team dedicated to patient care. With each success story, the proof of concept grows stronger, building a compelling case for clinics to embrace the transformative potential of the CTC-7 device. Anyone interested in exploring the device to get in touch and have a conversation with our team, there is nothing to lose and a lot of potential for you and your patients to gain. If you would like to receive updates from us via email on our latest products, blog posts, case studies and more then subscribe to our newsletter below.