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Sports & Recovery Compression Socks

Sports & Recovery Compression Socks to help improve overall performance, endurance & recovery in athletes, patients, medical professionals and others.

Medical grade compression to reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation and support you during and after exercise.

Benefits of Sports & Recovery Compression Socks

Our Sports & Recovery Compression Sock Range

Our FitLegs sports and running compression socks provide plenty of comfort and support during exercise and increase blood circulation to improve performance as well as reduce recovery times.

Available in different designs and colours for men and women, there are compression stockings and socks for every athlete, weekend warrior and medical professional. Compression socks particularly suit endurance athletes like runners who need maximum circulation and oxygenation of the muscles for increased performance. Made from cotton or bamboo, buy your FitLegs compression socks and stockings at G&N Recovery, or download the clinical data and see the results for yourself.

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FITLEGS Sports & Recovery Compression Socks are great for improving performance and recovery processes for a variety of cardiovascular sports. Such as running, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, hockey, netball, to name a few.

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Sports Compression Socks FAQs

Are flight socks the same as compression socks?

No, although very similar, sports compression socks are different from flight socks in the amount of compression they provide. Flight socks provide different levels of compression that are suited to long periods of sitting down, whereas sports compression socks are designed to be worn during activity and to aid recovery.

Can you wear sports compression socks to bed?

You can wear sports compression socks to bed, but they won’t necessarily help you recover any faster. The design of medical-grade compression socks means they’re at their most effective when you’re up and about, and moving. However, FitLegs sport compression socks are very comfy, so if you want to, you can!

How tight should sports compression socks be?

Sports compression socks or stockings should be tight but still comfortable. They should be easy to fit over your foot and ankle and when you’re wearing them, you should feel them, but without any discomfort.

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