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The CTC-7 Recovery Device

The all-in-one rehabilitation device for athletes & patients for post-operative & sports injury recovery. Reduces pain, inflammation, swelling (edema), and muscle soreness, and increases blood flow. Buy or rent today for better recovery.

What is the CTC-7?

The CTC-7 device offers cryotherapy, thermotherapy, contrast (hot and cold) and compression therapy treatments to improve recovery and rehabilitation for injuries and medical procedures. It is an iceless cold therapy machine, meaning that a consistent temperature is delivered during treatments and removes the inconvenience of ice storage. Treatment cycles are fully customisable to suit various rehabilitation programmes and injury recovery stages, and utilise Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Contrast and Compression Therapy. CTC-7 is the perfect device for a sports injury or post-operative recovery. For more information, watch our video.

Play Video about Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy and compression therapy device


Down to 6°C

CTC-7 offers continuous and iceless cryotherapy that helps reduce swelling, muscle spasms & pain.


Up to 45°C

CTC-7 offers continuous heat therapy with an adjustable temperature to reduce muscle stiffness and decrease pain.


Fast Changeover Time

CTC-7 offers a less than 3 minute changeover time from 45°C – 6°C


4 Levels of compression

CTC-7 delivers adjustable compression cycles to inhibit blood flow, reduce swelling and enhance the benefits of cryotherapy

Customising Rehab & Recovery

The CTC-7 thermotherapy machine offers a range of customisable programs and settings to tailor the recovery to the patient, for best results. These include:

CTC-7 Black Front

CTC-7 Wraps

CTC-7 works with a range of reusable or disposable wraps for maximum convenience and to ensure the most effective treatment.

Clinical Data

CTC-7 Black and White Close Up

Purchase Options

G&N are offering 3 commercial routes for the CTC-7 all with a 1 year warantee

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What injuries can CTC-7 be used for?

The CTC-7 cold therapy machine can be used to treat and aid recovery for a wide variety of muscular, pain and circulation conditions related to sport and injury including DOMS 48, edema, DVT, swelling, post-surgery recovery, strained and torn muscles and ligaments, as well as various aches and pains.

How does CTC-7 work?

The CTC-7 cold therapy device offers iceless cryotherapy, thermotherapy, contrast and compression therapy, delivering hot and cold temperatures to specific body areas via the dedicated CTC-7 wraps.

Do you recommend renting or buying CTC-7?

We offer a range of purchase options including up-front and payments in instalments. Medical professionals, athletes and other organisations may wish to buy a CTC-7 device to use regularly. Patients with specific conditions, however, might find that renting a CTC-7 until their injury has healed is a more cost-effective approach.

What are the benefits of contrast therapy and cryotherapy?

Contrast therapy helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain and improves post-training and post-injury recovery. Likewise, cryotherapy can be used to treat muscle and ligament pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and other conditions, as well as certain skin conditions.

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