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athlete recovery with CTC-7CTC-7 Reusable Wrap Knee

CTC-7 Ankle Wrap

Experience the next level of therapeutic care with our Reusable CTC-7 Ankle Wrap, specially designed to seamlessly attach to our innovative CTC-7 Device. This powerful combination brings you a comprehensive range of ankle treatment options, including iceless cryotherapy, thermotherapy, compression, and contrast therapy, all in one convenient package for patients and medical professionals.

Key Benefits:

  1. Versatile Treatment Options: The CTC-7 Device offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments, and our Ankle Wrap is the perfect complement. Whether you require soothing cold therapy to reduce inflammation, gentle heat therapy to promote blood flow, targeted compression for optimal support, or the benefits of contrast therapy, our reusable ankle wrap has you covered.
  2. Precise and Targeted Application: The CTC-7 Ankle Wrap features a unique design that allows for precise treatment targeting. The wrap is equipped with tubing that connects directly to the CTC-7 Device, delivering a continuous flow of water to the specific injury point on the ankle, ensuring optimal therapy coverage and effectiveness for all patients.
  3. Customisable Ankle Compression: With an outer compression compartment, our cold therapy ankle wrap provides adjustable pressure to support and stabilise the area. The compression helps reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and facilitate faster healing. You can easily adjust the compression level to suit individual patient or athlete needs.
  4. Easy Maintenance and Hygiene: The Ankle Wrap has a removable inner bladder for effortless cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene between uses. This feature allows for thorough sanitation, making it ideal for physiotherapy practices or sports clubs where maintaining cleanliness is crucial.
  5. Reusable and Durable: We understand the importance of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in healthcare settings. The Ankle Wrap is reusable multiple times, ideal for clinics, practices, or sports clubs seeking to provide top-notch injury care and recovery support.

The CTC-7 ankle cold compression therapy wrap is the ultimate tool for physiotherapy practices and sports clubs, offering effective treatment options for patients and athletes alike. Therefore if you’re treating acute ankle injuries, aiding in post-operative recovery, or assisting individuals after intense workouts, our wrap provides the therapeutic support needed for optimal healing and performance enhancement.

The CTC-7 Ankle Wrap is also available in a disposable version for those with extra infection control needs.


All in One Rehabilitation


Down to 6°C

CTC-7 offers continuous and iceless cryotherapy that helps reduce swelling, muscle spasms & pain.


Up to 45°C

CTC-7 offers continuous heat therapy with an adjustable temperature to reduce muscle stiffness and decrease pain.


Fast Changeover Time

CTC-7 offers a less than 3 minute changeover time from 45°C – 6°C


4 Levels of compression

CTC-7 delivers adjustable compression cycles to inhibit blood flow, reduce swelling and enhance the benefits of cryotherapy

"I rented the CTC-7 device for recovery from my knee replacement surgery. I thought it was excellent and I will be ordering again when I get my other knee replaced this year!"

Laura – Rental Customer

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