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CTC-7 Disposable Universal Wrap

CTC-7 Disposable Universal Wrap


Introducing our versatile CTC-7 Disposable Universal hot and cold therapy compression wrap, designed for universal recovery needs. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, dealing with chronic pain, or simply looking for a way to optimise your recovery routine, this hot and cold therapy compression wrap is a powerful tool for reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing. The wrap is easy to use and adjust, with a comfortable and secure fit that allows for targeted hot and cold therapy to the thigh, calf or forearm area.

This powerful disposable hot and cold therapy wrap brings you a comprehensive range of treatment options, including iceless cryotherapy, thermotherapy, compression, and contrast therapy, all in one convenient package. Designed to work with our innovative CTC-7 Device, it offers a range of benefits to users and patients.

Key Benefits:

  1. Versatile Treatment Options: The CTC-7 Device offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments, and our Universal Disposable Wrap for hot and cold therapy is the perfect complement. Whether you require soothing cold therapy to reduce inflammation, gentle heat therapy to promote blood flow, targeted compression for optimal support, or the benefits of contrast therapy, our wrap has you covered.
  2. Precise and Targeted Application: The Disposable Universal Wrap features a unique design that allows for precise treatment targeting. The hot and cold therapy wrap connects directly to the CTC-7 Device, and delivers a continuous flow of water to the specific injury point, ensuring optimal therapy coverage and effectiveness.
  3. Customisable Compression: With an outer compression compartment, CTC-7 provides adjustable pressure to support and stabilise the injured area for each patient. The compression helps reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and facilitate faster healing.

Our disposable CTC-7 wraps are designed as an alternative for businesses and settings where infection prevention is at the forefront of the mind. The wrap is designed to provide maximum comfort and effectiveness, with a cooling mechanism that quickly reduces pain and swelling in the affected area. With its universal design, this cold therapy wrap can be used on multiple body parts, making it a must-have tool for clinics, practices and patients who are looking to recover effectively from injury or operation with infection control.

The Universal Compression Wrap is also available in a reusable version.


All in One Rehabilitation


Down to 6°C

CTC-7 offers continuous and iceless cryotherapy that helps reduce swelling, muscle spasms & pain.


Up to 45°C

CTC-7 offers continuous heat therapy with an adjustable temperature to reduce muscle stiffness and decrease pain.


Fast Changeover Time

CTC-7 offers a less than 3 minute changeover time from 45°C – 6°C


4 Levels of compression

CTC-7 delivers adjustable compression cycles to inhibit blood flow, reduce swelling and enhance the benefits of cryotherapy

"I rented the CTC-7 device for recovery from my knee replacement surgery. I thought it was excellent and I will be ordering again when I get my other knee replaced this year!"

Laura – Rental Customer

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